"Not enough...never enough."  


"Direct me!"


I can tell y'all without much Super-Ego or ID that I'm not your average guy. I started my training at the age of -9 months under the stern tutelage of my father, himself a talent who played numerous athletics, including the tennis ball, golf racket, glove-things, vocals, air name a few.


It was clear from the moment I became a talent that this life was to be my destiny. Almost as soon as they cut the cord, my family began teaching courtship theory and other formal constructs of competing courtside. This early training turned out to be invaluable, as it paved the way for my more formal training at San Carlos Children's Theatre, Bellarmine College Prep, USC & Pepperdine SOL's Straus Institute.

Mama, she was my emotionally intelligent (hair) raiser.  We will always have a love-debate-love relationship...par for the Team Mitchell course.  She also is my booking agent - so if any of my friends want to know whom to ask!

LilSis...she's way too pro for a deep dive into our relationship.  Let's leave it at this...she's younger, but so much strong and better at doing the right thing which is why she is a fantastic role model.



A ​Motley Fool



I'm proud to announce my talent.


I love to perform with everyone, especially myself. Group play lets me see talent through fresh, disparate sets of eyes. On a recent tour of the studios throughout the valley of Los Angeles, the "builts" of NYC, Netflix's and Amazon's streams and the rest of the Marvel Universe, I was amazed to find that the level of talent of all y'all lads and lasses was nothing short of astounding...even in the face of the global winter coming...

Thine are the eyes of a producer, too.


Don't think that y'all are confined to just observing.  Oh, no!  Y'all, my friends, have been formally studying talent for eons.  New technologies and the allow all humans to be original.  Go forth, sign up for your own platform and create!  Inspirational concepts are requested as I'm always available for giggle-inducing play!