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Mediators have a tough job, but not as tough as the disputants.  Courtesies help keep all parties at the bargaining table, even in difficult talks.

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Mediation is not meditation, but it does have many similar benefits.  Calm and creative minds collectively converse towards a common goal.

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No dispute too small, no conflict too large...a little data can produce big results.  Paddock Mitchell LLC strives to end litigated conflict, one dispute at a time.

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When I was born, I had not planned on mediating...Shortly thereafter, I found a knack for resolving problems with creative solutions as I became tired of the conflict everywhere and disputes rising out of communicational lapses. My lifelong training and formal education led me to start Paddock Mitchell in 2004 and I wake up every morning thrilled to offer our best to those who seek us out.  How may we be of service to your dispute?

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