Paddock Mitchell's life work is to express those emotions that can only be conveyed through offerings of talent...this is how his energies are best set aflight. Prior career starts and stops morphed into the current hyperbolic trajectory of he who was once a sad, foolish and degenerate wastoid. Paddock's spirit soars when allowed to jester for those near and far and what is far anymore, anyway?



TALENT as talent does...


we're pleased that you've found paddock mitchell!

Paddock Mitchell's official site is here for all of our friends to keep up with our very eclectic and creative endeavors and to provide opps to those of y'all who could benefit from our talent.  We must recognize how we have been blessed to make a living acting out our dreams.

Whether we are in the studio, broadcasting out live in person, writing in solitude in Montana or galavanting through this miraculous world of ours...this shall always remain a bastion of all that is good and a nexus for contact between y'all and the talented Paddock Mitchell.