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Conflict isn't seasonal...disputes occur all day, all year, ad infinitum. However, Paddock Mitchell needs disputants like you to get mediators involved as early as possible. This will prevent the dispute from becoming cemented in all parties' minds.

Locally, nationally and internationally, Paddock Mitchell is a vocal advocate for the power of an agreement and all disputants. We analyze conflicts wherever they rear their arguing heads.  Stay out of court...mediate please! sure to thank your mediator!

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For more than 10 years, Paddock Mitchell has devoted its energy to passionately tackling BIG problems with incomplete communication. Contact a CAM Mediator today to see where your dispute can go.  Attack big conflict that has resulted from poor communications...our motto is "we only need a little data to offer big results!"







Contract Issues

Please don't let a dispute over binding agreements deter you from negotiating or mediating.

Startup Disagreements

Please do not allow your startup to flounder due to early stage disagreements...mediate them!

Mediation And Arbitration

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Conflict management
  • Communications coaching
  • Dispute systems design

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Mediate is the latest advancement in shuttle diplomacy. Now, through this patent pending application, you can mediate from anywhere at any time.  Find Mediate for both iOS and Android devices.

Only you can mitigate your costs.  Relying on the expensive court system and traversing treacherous disputes alone can be terrifying! Mediation is cheaper and more effective than arguing in court, besides 99% of cases settle anyway, why not control the process?

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Divorce Disputes

Certified mediators with years of experience. Please don't sue someone you care about!

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